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We, at Ballistic Vest USA stand behind our American Made products, by providing the highest quality bullet and stab ballistic vests with the best prices.

***Big discounts on Bulk Orders*** All of our ballistic vests and plates are rated to the USA NIJ IIIA level, which is the HIGHEST protection available for concealable ballistic vests and plates.

Best Selling
White Concealable Body Armor
White Concealable Body Armor $399.99

Best Ballistic Vests are NIJ Compliant

The ballistic vests and plates that we sell are brand new, never used and are manufactured in accordance with NIJ (National Institute of Justice) regulations. Our ballistic vests, tactical bullet proof inserts and soft armor plates are suitable for many uses. They supersede the needs of security workers, law enforcement officers, and regular people who are searching for reliable AMERICAN MADE soft body armor.

We offer both tactical and covert options. The tactical ballistic inserts that we sell can be used in many different tactical carriers such as BLACKHAWK and CONDOR carriers, Our covert body armor can be used under a loose t-shirt, polo or button down t-shirt. They are made of fabric that is breathable, flexible and ultra-thin.

Kevlar Ballistic Body Armor

We only sell ballistic vests and plates that are made from Kevlar and stab proof Aramid. This allows us to sell a product that is ultra-thin and lightweight. Our goal is to provide the best armor at the best price. When purchasing soft body armor (especially ballistic vest) it is critical to notice the protection rating on the body armor. Level NIJ IIIA is the highest level available for soft ballistic body armor; this is why we only sell at this level. It is also important to look at sizing when purchasing a bullet proof vest or even the size of the inserts. We have size guides for our vests as well as the measurements of the ballistic plates that we sell. as well as the right size. We have guides available on protection levels, and also have a Size guide.

Please feel welcome to call us or send us a email if you have any questions or would like to receive bulk pricing. We provide ballistic body armor all over the United States, Western Europe and Canada.